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North American Doves

This page has been included because of the large number of questions we receive about the identification of wild doves found in the United States.  At this time we have only included the scientific name, the range in the United States and Canada, length and weight data, and a photograph of each dove for most species.  But there are links provided to separate pages for the rock pigeon, ringneck or barbary dove, mourning dove, and  the Eurasian collared dove 

Length and weight data and ranges were taken from Pigeons and Doves of the World by Gibbs, Barnes, and Cox (1).  I have modified these ranges using current data from the Great Backyard Bird Count (2).  The latest update was made using the 2008 data.

Photo credits for each dove are listed at the bottom of the page.  Permission to use any of the photographs here must be obtained from the photographer.
Genus Common and Scientific Species Names North American Range, Size, and Weight Photograph
Columba Rock Pigeon

C. livia

(Feral Species)

Range:  Southern Canada and the entire USA

Length: 31-34 centimeters

Weight:  238-302 grams.

White Crowned Pigeon

C. leucocephala

Range:  Southern tip of Florida

Length: 29-40 centimeters

Weight: 200-267 grams

Band Tailed Pigeon

C. fasciata

Range:  West Coast USA and Arizona,  Nevada, New Mexico

Length:  33-40 centimeters

Weight: 226-460 grams

Red Billed Pigeon

C. flavirostris

Range:  Southwest Texas

Length:  30-37 centimeters

Weight:  268-424 grams




Barbary Dove

S. roseogrisa var risora

(Feral Species)

Range:  Central and South Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and South California

Length: 26-27 centimeters

Weight:  150-200 grams


European Collared Dove

S. decaocto

(Feral Species)


Range: All western and southern states

Length:  30-31 centimeters

Weight:  112-260 grams


Spotted Dove

S. chinensis

(Feral Species)

Range:  California

Length:  29-35 centimeters

Weight:  146-198 grams

Ectopistes Passenger Pigeon



Range:  Southern Canada to East Mexico, Cuba, & the Caribbean

Length:  38-41 centimeters

Weight: 236-342 grams

Zenaida Mourning Dove

Z. macroura

Range:  Southern Canada, United States

Length: 22-34 centimeters

Weight:100-170 grams

White Winged Dove

Z. asiatica

Florida to California and north to Colorado and Kansas

Length:  25-31 centimeters

Weight: 125-187 grams

Scardafella Inca Dove

S. inca

Range:  Louisiana to California, Nevada, and Oklahoma

Length:  12-19 centimeters

Weight:  38-58 grams

Columbina Common Ground Dove

C. passerina

Range:  Florida to Texas, Arizona, and southern California

Length: 15-18 centimeters

Weight:  22-42 grams

Rudy Ground Dove

C. talpacoti

Range:  Southern Texas to Southern California

Length: 14-18 centimeters

Weight:  32-58 grams  

Leptotila White Tipped Dove

L. verreauxi

Range:  Rio Grande Valley in Texas

Length: 23-30 centimeters

Weight:  96-157 grams

Photo credits  

Columba livia - Helen White, Florida
Columba leucocephala - Larry Manfredi - http://www.southfloridabirding.com
Columba fasciata - David Keenan, San Jose, California
Columba flavirostris - Richard L. Garrigues
Streptopelia roseogrisa var risora - Helen White, Florida
Streptopelia decaocto - Jeremy Lee, http://www.uknature.co.uk
Streptopelia chinensis - K.W.Bridges, University of Hawaii
Ectopistes migratorius - Angelica Maria White - New York
Zeniada macroura - Gary Friedman, Los Angeles
Zeniada asiatica - Robert Schantz - Arizona
Scardafella inca - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/
Columbina passerina - Don DesJardin, Florida
Columbina talpacoti - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/
Leptotila  verreauxi - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/


(1) Gibbs, David; Barnes, Eustace; Cox, John, Pigeons and Doves, A Guide to Pigeons and Doves of the World, London: Yale University Press 2001, pp. 176-179

(2) Great Backyard Bird Count of 2008, http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/, Cornell University

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P. O. Box 367,
Tallahassee, FL 32302-0367

Last revised on January 30, 2009