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Dove Genera of the World

Cinnamon Ground Dove or Golden Heart Dove
Gallicolumba rufigula
Photograph used with permission of Crimson, Hong Kong

The intent of this page is to show a wide range of the doves species by displaying a photograph of one or more species for each pigeon/dove genus   This page was started after an aviculturist in Hong Kong known as Crimson gave me permission to use photographs that he posted on the Pigeon-Dove mailing list in 1999 and 2000.  There was always a question about some of the species, but once the Gibbs, Barnes, and Cox book was available I believe all species have correctly identified.  Since that time additional photographs were obtained from various sources and this page now includes 45 species that are representatives of 17 of the 41 pigeon/dove genera.

About doves and pigeons:  Birds called doves and birds called pigeons all belong to the Columbidae family of birds.  Birds called doves are usually smaller in size and birds called pigeons are usually larger in size.

I would like to note that I am always looking for photographs and and the photographer's permission to use them so I can come closer to completing this collection.

The genera are in the order presented in the book "Pigeons and Doves of the World"  by David Gibbs, Eustace Barnes, and John Cox that was published in 2001.

Please understand that this is a long page that contains many photographs, thus loading will take a few minutes.

Photo credits for all species displayed here are listed at the bottom of the chart.  Permission to use any of these photos must be obtained from the photographer.


 Genus, Descriptive Name, and Range Number of Species Representative Species Common Name and Scientific Name


1 Columba

Rock Pigeons, Wood Pigeons

World Wide

54 Rock Dove

C. livia


Common Wood Pigeon

C. palumbus

Pale Capped Pigeon

C. punicea


White Crowned Pigeon

C. leucocephala


Band Tailed Pigeon

C. fasciata


Red Billed Pigeon

C. flavirostris


2 Streptopelia

Collared Doves

Europe, Africa, Asia


Spotted Dove

S. chinensis


European Collared Dove

S. delcaocto


African Collared Dove, Barbary Dove

S. roseogrisa

S.roseogrisa var risora


3 Macropygia

Cuckoo Doves 

Asia, Australia


Little Cuckoo Dove

M. ruficeps

4 Reinwardtoena

Cuckoo Doves

East Indies


5 Turacoena

Cuckoo Doves

East Indies


2 Black cuckoo dove

Turacoena modesta

6 Turtur

Wood Doves



7 Oena

Cape Dove


1  Cape Dove

Oena capensis

8 Chalcophaps

Emerald Doves

Asia, Australia

2  Emerald Dove

C. indica

9 Henicophaps

Bronzewing Doves

East Indies


10 Phaps

Bronzewing Doves



11 Geophaps

Bronzewing Doves



12 Petrophassa

Bronzewing Doves



13 Geopelia

Australian Turtle Doves

Asia, Australia


Diamond Dove

G. cuneata 

Zebra Dove

G. striata

Barred Dove

G. maugei

Peaceful Dove

G. placadia

Bar Shouldered Dove

G. humeralis

14 Leucosarcia

Wonga Pigeon



1  Wonga Pigeon

L. melanoleuca

15 Ectopistes

Passenger Pigeon

North America


1 Passenger Pigeon

E. migratorius


16 Zenaida

Zenaida Doves

North, Central, and South America


Mourning Dove

Z. macroura

White Winged Dove

Z. asiatica


17 Scardafella

New World Ground Doves

North, Central, and South America



Inca Dove

S. inca



Scaled Dove





18 Columbina

New World Ground Doves

North, Central, and South America


7 Common Ground Dove

C. passerina



Rudy Ground Dove

C. talpacoti


19 Claravis

Ground Doves

Central and South America




20 Metriopelia

High Altitude Ground Doves

South America  (Andes Mountains)


21 Uropelia

Long Tailed Ground Dove 

South America  (Brazil)


1 Long Tailed Ground Dove 

U. campestris

22 Leptotila

Rio Grande Valley - Texas, Central and South America


 11 White Tipped Dove

 L. verreauxi

23 Geotrygon

Quail Dove

Central and South America


24 Starnoenas

Blue Headed Quail Dove



1 Blue Headed Quail Dove

S. cyanocephala (Endangered)

25 Caloenas

East Indies


2  Nicobar Pigeon

C. nicobarica

26 Gallicolumbia

Ground Doves

East Indies, Philippines, Pacific Islands

 20 Cinnamon Ground Dove

G. rufigula

Bleeding Heart Dove

G. luzonica

27 Trugon

Thick Billed Ground Pigeon

East Indies


1 Thick Billed Ground Pigeon

T. terrestris

28 Microgoura

Choiseul Pigeon

East Indies


1 Choiseul Pigeon

M. meeki

29 Otidiphaps

Pheasant Pigeon

East Indies

1 Pheasant Pigeon

O. nobilis

30 Phapitreron

Brown Doves



31 Treron

Green Pigeons

Africa, Asia



Green Tailed Pigeon

T. apicauda

32 Ptilinopus

Fruit Doves

Asia, Australia

51 Pink Headed Fruit Dove

P. porphyreus


Black backed Fruit Dove

P. cinctus

Jambu Fruit Dove


Pink Spotted Fruit Dove

P. perlatus

Wompoo Fruit Dove

P. magnificus


Ornate Fruit Dove

P. ornatus



Orange Fronted Fruit Dove

P. aurantiifrons

Superb Fruit Dove

P. superbus




Beautiful Fruit Dove

P. pulchellus

Orange Bellied Fruit Dove

P. iozonus


33 Depanoptila

Clover  Feathered Dove

Pacific Islands


1 Clover  Feathered Dove


34 Alectroenas

Blue Pigeons

Madagascar, Indian Ocean Islands


35 Ducula

Imperial Pigeons

Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands


Green Imperial Pigeon

D. aenea

Pink Headed Imperial Pigeon

D. rosacea

Pinon Imperial Pigeon

D. pinon

Pied Imperial Pigeon

D. bicolor


36 Lopholaimus

Topknot Pigeon



1 Topknot Pigeon

L. antarclicus

37 Hemiphaga

New Zealand Pigeon

New Zealand


1 New Zealand Pigeon

H. novaeseelandiae

38 Cryptophaps

Sombre Pigeon



1 Sombre Pigeon

C. poecilorrhoa

39 Gymnophaps

Mountain Pigeons

East Indies


40 Goura

Crowned Pigeons

East Indies


41 Didunculus

Tooth-billed pigeon

Pacific Islands (Samoa)


1 Tooth-billed pigeon

D. Strigirostris




Photo Credits

  • Gallicolumba rufigula - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 1 Columba livia - Helen White, Tallahassee FL USA
  • 1 Columba palumbus - Melissa A. Nashat, Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • 1 Columba punicea - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 1 Columba  leucocephala - Larry Manfredi - http://www.southfloridabirding.com
  • 1 Columba fasciata - David Keenan, San Jose, California
  • 1 Columba flavirostris -  - Richard L. Garrigues
  • 2 Streptopelia chinensis - K.W.Bridges, University of Hawaii
  • 2 Streptopelia decaocto - Jeremy Lee, http://www.uknature.co.uk
  • 2 Streptopelia roseogrisa - Helen White, Tampa FL USA
  • 3 Macropygia_ruficeps  - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 5 Turacoena modesta - Neville Kemp, UK/Indonesia
  • 7 Oena capensis - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 8 Chalcophaps indica - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 13 Geopelia cuneata - Helen White
  • 13 Geopelia striata  - Helen White
  • 13 Geopelia maugei - Neville Kemp, UK/Indonesia
  • 13 Geopelia placida - Philip Hamilton, Australia
  • 13 Geopelia humeralis - David Armbrust, Australia - http://www.anhs.com.au
  • 15 Ectopistes migratorius - Angelica Maria White, New York, USA
  • 16 Zenaida_macroura - Gary Friedman
  • 16 Zenadia asiatica - Robert Schantz - Arizona, USA
  • 17 Scardafella inca - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/.
  • 17 Scardafella squammata -  John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/.
  • 18 Columbina passerina - Don DesJardin, Florida, USA
  • 18 Columbina talpacoti - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/
  • 22 Leptotila verreauxi - John Boyd, http://jboyd.net/.
  • 25 Caloenas nicobarcia - Helen White
  • 26 Gallicolumba_rufigula - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 26 Gallicolulmba_luzonica - Helen White
  • 29 Otidiphaps_nobilis - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 31 Treron_apicauda - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_porphyreus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_cinctus - Neville Kemp, UK/Indonesia
  • 32 Ptilinopus_jambu - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_magnificus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_perlatus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_ornatus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_aurantiifrons - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_superbus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_pulchellus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 32 Ptilinopus_iozonus - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 35 Ducula_aenea - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 35 Ducula_rosacea - Neville Kemp. UK/Indonesia
  • 35 Ducula_pinon - Crimson, Hong Kong
  • 35 Ducula_bicolor - Crimson, Hong Kong


©2006 - Helen White

Helen White
P. O. Box 367,
Tallahassee, FL 32302-0367


Last revised on: July 4, 2006